Advantage and Disadvantage Of Inkjet Printers

Advantages of inkjet printers:

1)     Low cost

2)     High quality of output, capable of printing fine and smooth details

3)     Capable of printing in vivid color, good for printing pictures

4)     Easy to use

5)     Reasonably fast

6)     Quieter than dot matrix printer

7)     No warm up time


Disadvantages of inkjet printers:

1)       Print head is less durable, prone to clogging and damage

2)       Expensive replacement ink cartridges

3)       Not good for high volume printing

4)       Printing speed is not as fast as laser printers

5)       Ink bleeding, ink carried sideways causing blurred effects on some papers

6)       Aqueous ink is sensitive to water, even a small drop of water can cause blurring

7)       Cannot use highlighter marker on inkjet printouts